ABC of a new Femininity – open the gate to Women’s Mysteries

Susch in the Engadin ( Swiss Mountains)
2018-07-18 - 2018-07-22

Get ready and prepare yourself for the big adventure being a unique, curious and joyful women.

The new femininity is a new female consciousness. We need to fully prepare ourselves to be ready to welcome it for the transformation of our beings. Our preparation starts with developing a female “Software” within, which enables us to heal and liberate our emotions, our spirituality and our sexuality from a centuries-long imprisonment, which is deeply rooted in our beings.

The path towards a new femininity is a holistic path which involves all area of life. Its basis is the art of feminine self-healing, with its helpful tools to heal our body, our emotions, our sexuality and our spirituality. It includes nutrition, meditation, rituals, Magic and much more. The Female Mysteries are a major part of it. Learning and using these helpful tools give women the power and the wisdom to travel their path into a new freedom, full of joy, inspiration and creativity.

The feminine and masculine ways are different. From the female perspective, femininity appears very natural and easy, not as complicated as it looks from the male mind. The development of femininity is like a pregnancy – it happens very naturally. It therefore cannot be manufactured, awakened or staged.

In this retreat, you will learn to prepare yourself thoroughly for your unique individual and safe journey back home.