The hidden Power of female Sexuality 1999

The Tao of female sexuality

by Maitreyi D. Piontek

a practical guide and workbook for Women

In the traditional Taoist understanding the sexual energy is regarded as the foundation of health, creativity and spirituality. Therefore in the Tao sexuality has been given special care and attention.

We are living in a society dominated by the male principle: efficiency-oriented, extroverted

full of activity, excitement and tension. Sexuality is reflecting this phenomenon clearly. It is mainly focused upon male desires. Sexuality is engraved on male behavior and male fantasies. Maximum excitement is desired, so the yang predominant sexual behavior is superficial, full of tensions and climax oriented. Given this there is little importance given to female qualities like love, stillness, depth and compassion.


The Tao of sexology is based on the balance of Yin and Yang, the harmony of the female and male. The imbalance of the male(yang) and female(yin) energies is one of the reasons why human sexuality has become more and more out of control. At its extreme it escalates into violent sexual behavior, kids abuse and sexual perversion. It would be to simple to pass on the full responsibility to men. A important cause why sex is getting out of control is the fact that woman do not take on their full sexual responsibility, so the female potential remains unrevealed.


Up to now, also in the traditional Tao, there is to little attention paid to in the difference of the female and the male energy patterns. Health exercises, energy work, meditations techniques as well as cultivating the sexual energy has been mainly developed from men for men. A yang oriented approach does not necessary gives woman the support she needs to get in touch with her trough nature. The healing and strengthening of the womanhood has not been given the proper attention. The female body and sexuality is ruled by other energy pattern as the male body. To develop healing yin (female) qualities it is important to consider the vulnerability and sensuality of a woman’s body.


In her new book Maitreyi is inspiring women to go to the depths of womanhood to explore the hidden secrets of the Yin. In a playful way she motivating woman to surrender to the abyss and stillness of their being, where the Yin is rooted. When Yin has reached its deepest point it can unfold its unlimited strengths, wisdom and shining light.


For the first time Maitreyi is initiating woman into the transforming and healing journey of liberating the forgotten power of the uterus. In the Tao the uterus is called the heavenly palace. According to Maitreyis experience, which by now many other woman are sharing with her, the uterus is the main energy source and the essential place where transformation and meditation naturally happens. The Tao of female sexuality is the inner journey of self healing and self liberation. Women learn to connect with the depth of their being to gain their inner strength to be able to liberate themselves from all personal and collective conditionings and limitations. The female sexuality can be a incredible opening to a new dimension of consciousness.


The book provides a comprehensive theoretical and practical introduction into the holistic female sexology which enables women to understand and recognize their own trough nature. Furthermore the Tao of female sexuality is the art of understanding the laws of opposites and contradictions that rule sexual behaviors.


Also in the book You will find:

Meditations, practical and theoretical foundation of self healing, Sexual Yoga, Nutrition, healing power of the female blood and the nourishing qualities of the breast…..Woman find all information that it will be possible for them to heal their female essence. It is a preparation for Woman to receive the divine to initiate a spiritual pregnancy. In the depths of the womb it is possible for love and meditation to grow until they blossom and overflow. Then woman can give birth to the golden elixir, their healing and nourishing contribution to a more natural, loving and conscious society.




I Requirement


  1. Tao

– Origin and essence of the Tao

– Main pillars of the Tao

– Tao and woman


  1. Yin and Yang

– Unity of the opposites

Qualities of Yin and Yang

II The inner journey

  1. Yin- the female principle

– Tao of Woman

  • Out of the middle
  • Foundation of Self healing


  1. Tao of Sexuality
  • The aim and its potential
  • Liberating of the sexual force
  • Thee treasures


  1. Foundation of a fulfilled sexuality

– Sexual fulfillment

  • Being cut off an unfulfilled

– Sexual networking


  1. Out of the head

– Conscious – unconscious

  • Questionnaire: My sexual history
  • Dealing with reality


  1. The realm of the subtle energies
  • Chi and the subtle energy centers
  • Die microcosmic orbit
  • Sexual centers
  1. The energy pattern of the female sexuality
  • Yin – the foundation of female sexuality
  • More Energy patterns


III Our Body – healthy and natural

  1. The Harmony of the body
  • How nutrition influences our health and sexuality
  • The five elements
  • Fullness and emptiness


  1. The female body
  • Breasts
  • Blood
  • The female sexual organs


  1. Strong womb

Exercises that make sense

  • Strengthening exercises


  1. In tune with nature
  • The rhythm of nature
  • Poisons
  • Detoxification and cleansing
  • Exercises


  1. Sensuality
  • The senses and their organs
  • Cleaning and calming the sensual organs
  • From Sensuality to transcendence

IV New dimension of Womanhood


  1. Feeling
  • Handcuffed feelings and old wounds
  • Love and sexuality
  • Dealing with feelings


  1. Exploring depths
  • Emotional pollution
  • Dealing with our dark side
  • Transforming negative emotions
  • No instant recipe but some wisdom


  1. The Uterus the sexual center of a woman
  • Different faces of the Uterus
  • Getting to know ones own Uterus
  • What burdens the Uterus
  • Removing the uterus
  • Healing exercises for the uterus


  1. Hormones and glands
  • The Love hormones
  • The secret power of the glands
  • Activating the glands
  • The Ovarian breathing


  1. The magic of the sexual vibe
  • Sexual energy
  • Woman and sexual excitement
  • Exercises to strengthen the sexual energy
  • Sexual reactions
  • Orgiastic experiences


  1. The red Dragon
  • The magic and healing power of the menstrual blood
  • Taming the dragon


  1. Entering the heavenly Palace
  • The Uterus the female Tan T’ien
  • Spiritual Pregnancy


V Relating with the Yang


  1. Yang, the male principle
  • Yang is different
  • To cultivate Yang qualities


  1. Yang oriented sex
  • Several Yang patterns
  • Male sexuality and the five elements


  1. Dealing with male sex
  • In search of a male identity
  • Sexual fantasies
  • Perverted sex
  • Is it possible for a man to change?


  1. Sexual relations
  • From a monologue to a dialog
  • Woman relating


  1. Every day life
  • Forms of liberty
  • Hints for healing relationships
  • Sexual techniques
  • Development of sexuality
  • Sexual therapy


Concluding remark: Out of a female perspective





  • Healing points
  • Index of the exercises
  • Workshops and where to get the Energy-Egg?
  • Index


Here some old PR text of the book

We would like to interduce You to the groundbreaking work of Maitreyi Piontek which evolved out of her quarter century of therapeutical and spiritual work with women and sexuality and her personal likes to experiment. This revolutionary book will re-define femininity and female sexuality and opens our heart a mind to a female perspective.

Her work is addressed to women who are interested to heal and explore their sexuality and to use their female potential to enter a new dimensions of spirituality.


Her book new book Exploring the Hidden Power of Female Sexuality offers women a well founded practical introduction into holistic sexual healing rooted in the deep wisdom of the tao.

Exploring The Hidden Power of Female Sexuality 1999

More and more women feel a strong responsibility to use their healing female qualities to influence the terror and violence in our world. And indeed this is a urgent necessity, a must for us women to do so. We are living in a situation, at least in our Western society, which allows us women to live our lives according to our own convictions and to show younger women new ways to the future. This challenging task calls women to draw up all the hidden resources they carry within, to get in contact with their hidden female energy sources. We can do this by discovering the female path and the guiding role that the uterus has on that journey. The uterus is a precious treasure and is important as a woman’s energy source. Most uteruses are patiently longing and waiting for their opportunity to support women in unfolding their potential.


Exploring The Hidden Power of Female Sexuality

By Maitreyi Piontek


Maybe you are a women like me, feeling a strong responsibility using your healing female quality to influence the terror and violence which is straining our world. And indeed this is an urgent necessity, a must for us women to do so. We are living in a situation, at least in our Western society, which allows us women to live our life’s according to our own convictions and to point new feminine ways to the future. This challenging task calls women to draw up all the hidden resources we carry within, to get in contact with our hidden female energy sources. You may ask yourself what does all that has to do with female sexuality? According to my experience, which by now many other women are sharing with me, the uterus is a precious treasure and most important as a woman’s energy source. Most uteruses are patiently longing and waiting for their opportunity to support women in unfolding their spiritual potential.

To be a woman today is a great challenge. Finally, we have the longed-for freedom and opportunity to create our lives freely, according to our own convictions. Woman’s traditional role is outdated and yet the new way of the woman is not mature enough to survive. The ways old are still sitting on our necks and deep in our bones. The disrespect, oppression, and ongoing sexual exploitation women have been exposed to the over centuries—and even today—cannot be erased from a single individual from one day to the next. For all of us, the reality and memory of the injured feminine remains. Therefore, at our deepest, intrinsic feminine core, women all over the world are intimidated, hurt, and weakened. Out of insecurity and fear, women have learned to submit and adjust their lives to the male principle and its value systems. To get in contact with the female energy sources it is extremely necessary for women to understand the male and female energy patterns so that they can recognize how these patterns affect their lives.


Male Energy Rules the World

In spite of modern woman’s freedoms, we still live in a male-dominated, Yang-predominant society that is power oriented, outgoing, full of activity and tension. Sexuality and politics clearly reflect this social phenomena, as they are deeply engraved with male behaviour patterns of provocation and control, and fantasies that honour maximum physical excitement. Yang-predominant behaviour is climax oriented and is driven by a untameable hunger to be strong and in control.

If the male principle gets out of control, in its extreme it can escalate on a global level into war. The hunt for more physical gratification and power knows no limit. We see examples of unbalanced Yang energy on a local level—in violent crimes, “gang wars,” robbery, spouse abuse, and rape—in our own communities. We are living in a word were female qualities like love, silence, depth and compassion are not given enough space, respect and importance.


Woman—Do It Yourself!

Having said all that, it would naive to blame this development entirely on men and wait for the miracle that would magically turn them into women! Male energy is getting out of control because many women do not take on their full responsibility and do not heal and protect their femininity enough. This does not mean we need to educate our lovers and husbands so that they will finally behave the way we would like them to. No—only women can awaken the blossoming of their own sensual, loving, and female qualities. It is a woman’s responsibility to nourish the healing and peaceful qualities within herself until they overflow and effortlessly manifest themselves.


The Power Woman

The modern woman is asked to adjust to the male-dominated world and “stand by her women.” Women are naturally very flexible and have learned to adjust and position themselves in a male-oriented lifestyle and its value system—at work, in health, and sexuality.

In business, most women who have succeeded have done so by adjusting to “playing the game” by male standards. For this, a woman needs a sharp, calculating mind, a dominating, active, and extroverted personality, and enough know how. If she is required to develop and manifest such strongly male qualities, it will always be at the expense of her female essence. So if she is not simultaneously taking loving and responsible care of her female qualities, she will loose contact with her own roots and lose access to her real, feminine strength.


Women’s Work

Many women today feel the urgent need to explore new ways of being a woman. Many of us are in the search of new dimensions of female sexuality in which we can use our feminine potential to rise to the challenge of living in times like these in a joyful and healing way.

Since 1974 I have been working as a nurse, sexologist, and bodyworker, and for many years I have been doing this work mainly with women. My intense work in psychiatry and as a sexologist has forced me to find truly healing ways that correspond with the energy pattern of the female nature. When it came down to healing and developing the female essence, the common health and therapy models did not really convince me of their efficacy, even though they sounded very good and came packaged with very promising explanations. I felt that there was much more possible for women.

The fact that women today are looking for better quality of life and are ready to come to terms with their sexuality does not mean they are all cases for therapy. Women’s willingness to begin discussing their difficulties more openly is a sign that they are ready now to explore a new dimension of being a woman. And now is the right time now for women to do so.


Essential Inner development

The less conscious people are about themselves and the way they live their lives, the more they become indiscriminate channels for all the global experiences stored in the collective memory of humanity. In this way, cultural and religious values, images of being a woman, as well as sexual behaviours are being passed on, unfiltered, from generation to generation. For thousands of years, female sexuality has been ruled by that collective memory. Therefore, even if a woman enjoys an active sex life and has fulfilling love relationships, she still needs to unburden her sexuality and free herself from all those limiting and painful memories. This liberation process does not involve our relationships with lovers or husbands; it is a very private, intimate, and meditative matter. Its development happens only deep within the depths of a woman’s being.

Women need to support each other to reconnect with the feminine roots, to have excess to our own energy sources. The Tao—the Chinese holistic approach to life—has supported me and many other women in our inner journey; using our female sexuality to enfold the healing qualities of female spirituality


The Path

The word “Tao” means “the path,” as well as “origin,” “journey,” and “destination.” Following the Tao means engaging in a holistic way of life that is aligned with nature. A first, practical step in this direction is to integrating and harmonizing our body, feelings, thinking, and sexuality into a unity. In the Taoist view, sexuality is considered to be the foundation of health, creativity, and spirituality. Throughout the ages, Taoists created many methods to heal and strengthen the body, to soothe the emotions, to train the power of the mind and to liberate sexual energy. Some of these methods, among many others, are known as Qi-Gong, Tai Chi, Kung fu, and Taoist Yoga.


The Journey as Destination

Basically, the main purpose of sexuality is reproduction. That also means that sexual energy is a force that is able to multiply. In the Taoist tradition, it is a well-known fact that the mechanism of reproduction extends beyond the biological level of making babies. The Taoists used the power of sexual energy and developed many techniques to increase their inner processes, like self-healing, and to deepen their meditation. They consciously use nutrition, herbs, Feng Shui, and the forces of nature to support their intent to live a life in balance with nature.


This holistic and very practical approach convinced me that this was the path on which women could travel in their journey toward healing and wholeness. But let’s not be deceived or blinded by the mystic, oriental breeze, and assume the sexual wisdom of China was emphasizing and being brought in line with the female principle, nor were they supporting women to liberate their female strengths. Most of the traditional, Taoist health exercises, meditation practices, and sexual techniques work with the male principle and do not necessarily support women. When I realized this, it became my deep desire to develop a female approach in the Tao. I have been using the wisdom of the traditional Tao according to the female principle, Yin, to explore ways and methods that can support women and their development in a natural and easy way. And frankly, I never expected that on my own journey so many female mysteries would reveal themselves to me.


Tao for Woman

The female body is ruled by certain energy patterns, and for a woman’s well being, it is important for her to consider the sensitivity and vulnerability of her female essence. Active, male-oriented practices such as overly strenuous physical exercise and sexual “conquests” can easy increase existing sexually-related complaints and disharmonies such as menstrual difficulties, vaginal discharge, or hormonal imbalance. The Tao for women is a holistic way of self-healing in which a woman learns what she herself needs to nourish, strengthen and heal herself. To liberate sexual energy, women need enough strength and a solid physical foundation.


The Female Treasures

Profound changes happened in my personal life as well as in my work with other women, thanks to integrating and applying the “female treasures.” For me, the female treasures are: the healing fragrance of the heart, the magic of the blood, the glands and hormones, and the power of the breasts and the uterus. These treasures can support women to encounter the hidden power within themselves. This in turn will open up the primeval female instinct—woman’s inner wisdom—so that women can trust, surrender to and follow her intuition. As I mentioned before, the healing of the female happens only in the depths of our being. Femininity is not an action; it cannot be performed. Femininity is a state of being, to be accepted and enjoyed.


The Precious Treasure

Women tend to be astonished when they find out that the uterus is connected with their sexuality. On the female journey, healing and unburdening the uterus plays a essential role, which has been given too little attention until now. The uterus is open and receptive; she has absorbing qualities, whether or not women are aware of that. This conceiving ability does not refer only to the male semen; it manifests itself on other levels as well. The uterus picks up vibrations, moods, emotions, and thoughts and stores them.

A women who does not feel the presence of her uterus is in danger of turning it into a kind of inner garbage dump, filled with pain, negativity, and emotions. This has the most drastic consequences: it’s a sad fact that one out of three women has her uterus surgically removed or experiences sexual problems and frustration, as well as menstrual problems. As long as the uterus is filled with pain and sorrow, a woman will not be able to enjoy her femininity very deeply.


The Birth of the Female

Once the uterus is healed and liberated from all these unconscious personal and impersonal experiences, a woman’s full potential unfolds before her. The uterus can become a woman’s personal, intimate keepsake box, where she can store her precious treasures. The art of being a woman is to be open, receptive, and to absorb the healing female qualities like love and compassion, and to let them grow strong inside. In the warmth and security of the womb, the female qualities are nurtured so that they can mature until they become fully active. When the time is ripe, they will be born and have the necessary strength to survive and manifest in the outside world in a very natural and easy way.


The liberation of the female sexuality is pioneering work, which deserves and requires great commitment. The female does not change in one day; its development is slow and steady. And it is good to know that the female healing power is long lasting, like water, leaving its traces in even the hardest stone.



Try out!

Full Moon Meditation

  • Sit in an upright but comfortable position. Close your eyes and and gently smile into your heart until it starts to open up and to feel good.
  • Breath slowly into your heart and with your out breath let the fragrance of your heart flow down into your palace ( Uterus).
  • For the next 15 minutes, fill your palace with your heart feeling, and at the same time hum gently into it.
  • Be as open and receptive as possible and breathe slowly and deeply to receive the elixir of the moon.
  • Enjoy the silver fluid of the moon entering your body and allow it to flood and heal each cell of your body and your palace.
  • To mix the essence of the moon with your own energy, chant the mantra “Om” directly into you palace, very tender and softly.
  • Continue as long as you feel like it.
  • Remain sitting in the moonlight for the whole night, if you wish.

The number of women meditating with the full moon is constantly increasing and this is wonderful. In this way, the female healing power is strengthened and spreads more and more, all over the planet.


Maitreyi D. Piontek has studied eastern healing methods and meditation. She is a trained psychiatric nurse and Sexologist and the author of the book “Exploring the hidden power of female sexuality.” (Samuel Weiser) She shares her female experiences in seminars throughout Europe and USA.