The Female Reset – A Manifesto for Spiritual Rebels

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Your input and your joy make the difference! This global crisis also has its good side. More and more people are waking up and starting to search for the truth and for new ways to actively participate in the reshaping of our sickly world. We are still in the age of the great deception (Kali Yuga) where things are not as they are presented – not in the fields of health, therapy, spirituality, nor anywhere else. Healing our sexuality from its traumas and perversions is one of the most important things that needs to be done now. For this it is necessary to move out of that fake and hypocritical spirituality. A new liberated and natural femininity plays the decisive role, which enables us to move on to a new era. This book sensitizes you so you will recognize the pitfalls and confusions that prevent you from truly evolving as a human being and as part of humanity. The Female Reset offers valuable preparation and support to guide you on your adventurous personal journey of liberation. It points out what to watch for so you will not get stuck or blinded along your way. Maitreyi`s tireless and refreshing pioneering spirit inspires you to explore new and unusual ways. The book shows you how to enrich our world with a new spirituality that is liberated, joyful, and authentic – to manifest the needed Female Reset. Maitreyi’s books are bestsellers and have been inspiring women since 25 years.

Don’t give up, stay tuned and enjoy your unique and challenging journey !!!