Exploring the Hidden Power of Female Sexuality




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Exploring the Hidden Power of Female Sexuality
A workbook form women
4tables Samuel Weiser INC.York Beach, USA | 66illustrations | 320pp

The books provides a comprehensive theoretical and practical introduction into the holistic female sexology, which enables woman to understand and recognize their own true nature. Up to now the difference between female and male energy patterns have not been considered. Exercises, energy work, meditations techniques, health programs, as well as cultivating sexuality have been mainly developed by men for men. A male oriented approach does not support woman to get in touch with her female potential. The book is inspiring woman to go to the depths of womanhood and to explore the hidden secrets of the Yin (female principle). For the first time Maitreyi is initiating woman in setting free the forgotten power of the uterus to be able to use its potential. The Tao of female sexuality is the a journey to heal and liberate the female within. In the book you will also find the foundation of the female self healing, sexual Yoga, how nutrition influences health and sex, healing power of the female blood, and the nourishing qualities of the breasts…….. Women will find all the information they need to heal and nourish their female essence to initiate the spiritual pregnancy. So in the depth of the womb loving and the divine qualities can grow until the female treasures reveal. And woman gives birth to a new dimension of consciousness, the female healing and nourishing contribution to a more natural, loving and conscious society.

Piontek provides a comprehensive introduction to holistic female sexology and enables women to understand their own true nature. For thousands of years the ancient Taoists have gathered great wisdom, for the Taoist path is known for its holistic approach to life, including a documented approach to sexuality. But the secrets of love have been geared toward men, not women. Our Western society is also dominated by the male principle (Yang energy): oriented toward efficiency, extroverted, full of activity, tension, excitement, and climax-oriented.

In this new book, Maitreyi inspires women to go to the depths of womanhood to explore the hidden secrets of yin. In a playful way, she encourages women to surrender to the abyss and stillness of their being, where yin is centered. She initiates women so they can set free the forgotten power of the uterus, the inner journey of healing and transformation. In the Tao, the uterus is known as the “heavenly palace.” It is the essential center where transformation and meditation happen naturally. This is a path of self-healing and self-liberation. Women can now learn to go to the depths of their being to connect with this well of unlimited strength so they can liberate themselves from all personal and collective conditioning. Female sexuality can be an incredible opening to a new dimension of consciousness. Piontek teaches various meditations, the practical and theoretical foundation of self-healing, how to liberate sexual energy, sexual yoga, sexual fulfillment, womb-strengthening exercises, what love hormones are, ovarian breathing, the secret power of the glands, how nutrition influences health and sex, the healing power of menstrual blood, the nourishing qualities of the breast. She also teaches women about yang activity, sexual techniques, how to relate to men, and how to heal relationships with men. She provides the necessary information to heal the female essence so women can prepare to receive the divine, and initiate spiritual pregnancy. In the depths of the womb, it is possible for love and meditation to grow until they blossom and overflow.

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